technical drawing and parameters of TRANSMITTER


Learning about this basic unit of the builders is easy as pie - pizza pie!

Start with a pizza pie one meter in diameter - just under 40 inches. That's a big pizza so slice it into six equal pieces.

Each piece is identical to all the others. Each piece consists of two straight edges and an arc of tasty crust.

Question - how long is the arc of tasty crust?

Answer: 1 builder cubit!

The meter and builder cubit are mathematically connected in this simple way.

This relationship expressed in mathematical terms:

Each of the edges is half a meter in length, or 50 centimeters. Since




$CIRCUMFERENCE = \pi*DIAMETER = \pi (1 meter)$

$CIRCUMFERENCE = 6 cubits$

$6 cubits = \pi meter$

$1 cubit = \frac{\pi}{6} meter$

$1 cubit ~= 0.5236m ~= 52.36cm$

(photo courtesy Black Mountain Mill & Pizzeria)