technical drawing and parameters of TRANSMITTER


Third book in the "Birthday Pi" sequence. How the model was used.

Recent groundbreaking work convincingly argues that the design of the Great Pyramid better represents a machine and not a tomb. No matter the ego of any king, the caliber of the stonework and precision found in the construction refute the copper tools and stone hammer-balls of conventional explanation.

Simply put, this artifact - actually, the entire pyramid complex around for kilometers - does not originate with the five thousand year old culture that allegedly built it. They inherited it then, as we inherit it today, as our children will inherit it tomorrow. So if not a mummy, what is this massive thing really for?

CYCLES OF THE PYRAMIDS takes the advanced machining theory to a logical conclusion. Examine the design to apply the principles of physics and engineering, expressing the grandeur of the device and surroundings in simple but time-tested language of engineering mathematics. Focus on the internal operation of the device, and the overall function of the complex. Not the when, but the why, and the how.

What makes CYCLES OF THE PYRAMIDS unique is that it is intentionally non-subjective, largely written in equations found in standard textbooks of physics. The goal is to ground the design of this very real device into quantifiable parameters forming a coherent, falsifiable theory. Measurements involved in the work are freely available from multiple sources. There are no strange new physics invoked, no alien anti-gravity beams, no magic power summoned, only ingenuity and some water.

This book hopes to accomplish two things, to condense testable science from these magnificent monuments, also to increase awareness of the civilization that built them. CYCLES OF THE PYRAMIDS cannot say anything about exactly who the builders were. It relates only that if a machine of this design and scale was so built, by the laws of physics as we understand them this is what it would do: Touch the heavens, as humanity has only recently relearned how to do.

CYCLES OF THE PYRAMIDS is written for anyone seeking understanding about these remarkable structures, and this lost era of our common ancestry.